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a quick update

17 Mar

Well, I still haven’t fixed my laptop. I’ve kind of been putting it off since I’m nervous about having lost all the data on the fried hard drive. I’m also worried that it’s more than the hd and I’ll have to replace the whole machine, which I’m not really in a position to do right now. Lucky for me, I’ve got my work machine!

It’s finally starting to feel like spring around here! Warm and sunny today with more of the same tomorrow. I feel like I’m coming out of hibernation; I’m starting to get the creation bug again. I haven’t been beading lately, too many other interests took over this winter, not to mention that I didn’t really have a dedicated workspace. That is, until Jack took the liberty of making me on in our home office! He set up my old kitchen table since it’s been sitting in the basement since we moved; I’m really happy to see it back in use! I do have some new beads and some new ideas I’m anxious to try out, so look out for new stuff in the coming weeks.

I’m going to an orchid show this weekend! Have I mentioned I love orchids? I’ve got quite a collection going in my cube at work. I’m looking forward to finding some new types of orchids that you can’t find at the local garden store. I’m also really looking forward to the lectures they’re having as I’m sort of new to orchid growing. Maybe one day I’ll have a beautiful greenhouse full of all kinds of species!

Wishing everyone well out there in internetland. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to donate to the red cross for Japan relief.


being your own boss is hard!

17 Jan

First post of the new year! I’m starting to get back into the swing of things…look out world! I’ve got some new supplies and some new ideas brewing, so in the meantime I will share my perspective on social marking and starting your own business.
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8 Nov

Eeek! It’s been a little while since I posted, life (as usual) snuck up on me and I’ve been busy doing things around the house and visiting family. Definitely needed some family time!!

Well I’m making progress on this baby blanket. I put it down for a week or two to let my hand recover from all the extra crafting I had been doing, but I picked it back up this weekend and it’s nearly doubled in size so far! (which, unfortunately isn’t saying much) Now that it seems to be growing at a rapid pace though, I’m much more excited to get it finished. I’ve realized in the last few months with all these projects going on that I have creative ADD. Which is sometimes a good thing, but also prevents me from finishing projects in a timely fashion. I just want to do it all! Anyone else with the same problem?

And speaking of doing it all, I realized this morning that I have a birthday gift to get cracking on! I found this great pattern for a Tardis on Ravelry.com that I’m making for a friend of mine who’s a huge Dr. Who fan. If you are in any way into knitting and/or crochet, I highly recommend Ravelry. It’s an amazing resource for yarn craft.

Stay tuned for photos of the blanket and the Tardis!

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