oh noes!

22 Feb

Soo… a couple weeks ago my laptop hard drive crapped out on me. I bought a new hd to replace it, but haven’t had time to fix it. I swear, if it’s not one thing, it’s another! What makes me really sad is that I hadn’t backed up my data in awhile because I was being lazy about clearing out some space on my external drive. I also just recently photographed all my new jewelry to list for sale, but now it’s stuck on my hd until I bring it to a friend who can (hopefully) recover the data. One thing I love about my life is having lots of geeky friends with geek gear. So that’s why you haven’t seen any new posts lately. Hopefully my life slows down enough to get my machine back in working order some time soon!

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something delicious for the superbowl

6 Feb

Today Jack and I are headed out to my parents’ for a little Superbowl shindig. We were asked to bring some kind of appetizer. My parents always make awesome food, and Jack and I love good food, so I wanted to make something simple but super scrumptious. I had some Pilsbury crescent dough in my fridge that I mistakenly bought for monkey bread (turns out you’re supposed to use the biscuits for that). So I searched the perfect recipe but nothing really made my mouth water. Finally after an hour of searching recipes all over the web, I decided to just make something up. Turns out that was the best idea ever! I’m sure this isn’t the most original recipe but it sure is yummy! I made these tasty morsels in about 45 min. Recipe and photo after the cut!
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finally…some photographs!

31 Jan

I took some time this weekend to photograph the remaining items I had leftover from the Hartbeat Market along with some new things I made when I had a few free moments. I also re-shot some of my older pieces that were poorly represented the first time I photographed them.
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