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more orchids!

26 Jan

My babies are getting so big! I just had to share some recent shots of my little Cattleya, and my Zygo from last year’s Nutmeg Orchid Society show – which I bought with two spikes that both withered before they bloomed 😦 The wait was worth it though, I got some gorgeous and fragrant blooms this time around!

Here’s the zygo:

zygo flower

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what’s another way to say “news”?

15 May

I finally sat down and installed the new hard drive in my laptop, and I don’t know why I was putting it off for so long! It took me longer to reinstall the OS than it did to swap out the drives, even with all the tiny little screws. The external enclosure I ordered came yesterday…only for me to find out I had ordered the wrong one. D’oh! So back to newegg it went and I borrowed one from a friend. Only to find out that it’s a hardware issue on the dead drive, which means taking it to a data recovery place and spending lots of money to get all my info back – super bummer.
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