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something delicious for the superbowl

6 Feb

Today Jack and I are headed out to my parents’ for a little Superbowl shindig. We were asked to bring some kind of appetizer. My parents always make awesome food, and Jack and I love good food, so I wanted to make something simple but super scrumptious. I had some Pilsbury crescent dough in my fridge that I mistakenly bought for monkey bread (turns out you’re supposed to use the biscuits for that). So I searched the perfect recipe but nothing really made my mouth water. Finally after an hour of searching recipes all over the web, I decided to just make something up. Turns out that was the best idea ever! I’m sure this isn’t the most original recipe but it sure is yummy! I made these tasty morsels in about 45 min. Recipe and photo after the cut!
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