my brain is full of turkey

28 Nov

Hi! Happy belated Turkey Day! Hopefully it was enjoyable and full of delicious dishes! Now that I’m out of the turkey fog, it’s time to get down to business. I actually spent a decent amount of time these last few days creating new stuff for the show. It’s coming up so fast!! Not only am I trying to make sure I have enough product, but I’m thinking about things that I almost overlooked; I realized that I should have some kind of mirror so people can check out how something looks on them! How could I forget that? It’s like the most important part of selling jewelry!! I’m sure this event will be quite the learning experience, and I’m lucky that I have such a supportive guy who’s even volunteered to help me out that day! I have a special surprise for those who make a purchase at the show. So if you’re in the area, be sure to stop by!

Hanukkah is fast approaching as well, and I’ve only got one more gift left to make. (whew!) Being crafty definitely has it’s perks around the holidays! Thankfully, Jack and I are giving as a couple, which means I don’t have to stress over what to get the guys in the family. He handled that, and I’m handling the women. Hooray gender stereotypes! (har)

Once I get past Hanukkah and the show, my next deadline is the 12th – when I meet up with my close friends to exchange gifts. This year is crazy! Due to time constraints, I gave up on the hat for one friend in favor of a layered multi-strand necklace – which I still have to make! But at least I know that will take me a matter of hours vs a few days. (I have a tendency to underestimate how much time it actually takes me to knit something.) Even still, I’m sticking to the pot holder idea for my baker friend. Once the show is done, it’s full steam ahead on those two gifts. Anyone have a magic wand so I can create a couple extra days in the week?

After that, I can relax a little! Most of my other holiday shopping is done, just a few finishing touches and I will be all set. Then I can just enjoy the holiday season, woohoo! I’m really glad I was able to pretty much avoid all retail outlets this year. As stressful as the earlier deadlines feel, I’m way less stressed than usual about Christmas time. Maybe next year I can get an even bigger head start on handmade gifts!


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