handmade holiday, or how to handle the holidays on a budget

15 Nov

I won’t lie, this post is inspired by a contest put on by Art Fire. It also inspired me to make a lot of things for this holiday season, which is something I sort of forget to do this time of year. This year is proving to be a tighter budget than years past, so what better way to be able to give without stress! Since I’ve gotten so many compliments on my hat, I’ve decided to make one for a good friend of mine with Vanna’s Choice medium weight yarn in burgundy (about $3.99/skein when it’s not on sale). I hope she loves it as much as I love mine!! Another good friend of mine started culinary school this year and is focusing on baking and cake decorating. She loooooves cupcakes! I found this adorable potholder pattern on Craft that I’ll be making for her. I’m planning to add some flourishes like swirl lines or sprinkles on the frosting once they’re done; I may even make one vanilla!

Still working on that baby blanket too. I realized yesterday that when I picked up additional yarn, I grabbed the wrong color for one of the blues!! Since I was stalled on that, I had a chance to experiment with some new jewelry ideas. I’ve been getting creative with hand bent earring wires, and it’s so much fun! Once I get the proper tools I will be posting a tutorial. I’ve a lot of work to do for this Hartbeat Market on the 4th: making more product, figuring out how to package everything for sale, what to use for shopping bags for purchases, finding things to display stuff on…my oh my! Besides making jewelry to sell, I’ve got a few more loved ones on my list that will be receiving hand made sparklies from me. I’ve got supplies but now I need some inspiration!

Remember: just because you’re giving handmade does not mean you are cheap! Many people (the ones on the receiving end) forget or overlook how much time and effort and love goes into handmade gifts. Be proud of what you make and make sure those getting handmade gifts are the ones who will truly appreciate your work!

Will you be giving handmade this year? If so, what kind of things will you be giving?


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