everybody makes mistakes…

31 Oct

I realized right after I posted about the hat that I was doing something wrong…I looked at the photo in the pattern again, then looked at my hat, then back at the pattern…then back at my hat…and realized I had knit the brim together inside out, eek! I had to rip out everything I had done after the brim and do it all over again, but it was worth it because it looks a million times better now! Lesson learned: pay attention! No more Dexter while I’m knitting, from now on it’s just DJ Tiesto or the Drum and Bass station on Pandora.

But now it’s done!


wearing hat

This pattern was super easy, I can’t wait to make more! It took me a little more than one 100 gram ball of the Bernat yarn, so I’m glad I bought two at the outset. This hat is probably a little bit heavier and quite a bit fuzzier than the original pattern but I couldn’t be happier with it. Thanks Jane!!


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