gearing up for the cold

25 Oct

I got the urge to make myself a slouchy hat over the weekend, so I searched all over the place to find the pattern that was just what I wanted and I found this, on etsy of course! First of all, her patterns are wonderful! I want to make everything she has!! They’re also inexpensive, which is nice…because if I ever did get that ambitious (ha), I could actually make everything. Her patterns are super easy to follow too, the best part about this one is you get the look of cables without a cable needle! I’m not that experienced of a knitter, so this was definitely a plus for me.

Here’s the hat so far:

jane hat so far

I chose to use Bernat Alpaca yarn in ebony, it’s a 70% Acrylic/30% Alpaca blend marked as a bulky weight, but it’s definitely on the smaller side of bulky – pretty close to a worsted weight. It’s also a bit darker than the photo lets on, more like a charcoal grey than ebony really.

I’m also choosing to add a couple of buttons to the brim once it’s done. I found a great bag of assorted buttons at A. C. Moore (craft store) for really cheap! I haven’t picked out any just yet, but there are a few I’ve got my eye on, particularly that square one in the upper right of the pile. We’ll have to see once the hat is done!


I’ll keep posting progress once I get to the closing rounds and then once it’s done. I can’t wait to finish this, the weather here is cooling off fast!


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