new stuff

22 Oct

I finally got around to photographing all the sparkles I’ve been making recently. That means I have new stuff posted for sale, woohoo!!
Since I’ve had my shop, I’ve learned a few things about posting (and maybe they tell you this in all the awesome literature etsy offers about selling…but I didn’t read most of it):

  • Scatter your item posts throughout the day/week if you have a lot to post. This gives your shop more face time during the day/week
  • Don’t post over the weekend. I’ve noticed that any item I’ve posted on a weekend has had significantly fewer hits than those posted during the week. My guess is more people are probably browsing at work, and out doing more important things on weekends.
  • Take as many detail photos as possible. Since the customer can’t see it in person first, you want to give them the feeling of looking over your item from all angles.
  • Photographing on an interesting backdrop is helpful, but don’t let it overwhelm your item! From what I’ve noticed, most people photograph jewelry especially on interesting things like books, subtle patterned papers and glasses/cups; I think somehow it is more appealing than a plain white or black background. Just make sure it doesn’t overwhelm your piece.
  • Most sellers don’t have a professional setup, so good light is important too! If at all possible, taking photographs outside on a sunny day seems to best represent the colors of your item.
  • Basic photo editing skills are always helpful to get the best representation of your item. Crop out unnecessary information in the background and color correct if necessary.

What do you look for when shopping places like etsy? What has made your shop a success?

And now for a few photos!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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